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    Based on the service capabilities of multi-cloud platform and the hybrid cloud architecture, Digital China provides customers’ traditional IT environment and cloud native environment with professional services (PS) and managed services (MS) including consulting, migration, operation, maintenance, and deployment, satisfying customers’ all full-lifecycle cloud-based needs.

    Full-stack cloud MSP service capability
    Cloud management service of multi-cloud platform and hybrid cloud architecture
    The cloud service team now has more than 220 professionals, more than 100 of whom have the technical certification of top cloud manufacturers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud. The team has the service ability based on multi cloud platform and hybrid Cloud Architecture, and provides professional MSP services such as consultation, migration, implementation, operation and maintenance for customers.
    • Iaas/PaaS certification 
    • SaaS certification 
    • IT technology certification 
    • • Azure architecture certification
    • • AWS architecture certification
    • • Alibaba Cloud ACP certification
    • • Huawei Cloud certification
    • • Oracle IaaS professional certification
    • • IBM Bluemix certification
    • • Salesforce service certification
    • • SAP service certification
    • • TOGAF enterprise architecture certification
    • • ITIL Foundation certification
    MSP operation service team
    Full license qualification in the field of cloud services
    Digital China has all the licenses and qualifications for cloud services. It has obtained the business license for telecommunications and information services, passed cloud service-related certifications such as CMMI Level-3, IDC, ISP, ICP, and multi-party communication certifications, MIIT cloud service certification, MIIT trusted cloud service certification (for virtual host and block storage), national information system security protection Level-3 certification, etc. Digital China is a member unit of the cloud computing standard working group of China National Information Technology Standardization Network, a director unit of China Cloud System Pioneer Strategic Alliance, and a member unit of Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association. The company also has Huawei CSSP certification and cloud migration certification. It is one of the first providers of Oracle cloud hosting services in Greater China and the first national general distributor of Alibaba Cloud and core partner of the MSP cooperation plan.
    Business license of the telecommunications and information service industry
    Value-added telecom business certificate
    Multi-party communication certification
    MIIT credible cloud services certification
    Information system security certification (level 3)
    Member of NITS cloud computing standard work group
    Huawei CSSP certification
    Alibaba Cloud MSP core partners
    AWS MSP partners
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